Matt Lumpkin

My name is Matt Lumpkin

I'm interested in creating opportunities for people to truly encounter one another and be formed by that encounter.

I do UX for Fuller Seminary.

I'm building
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Other things I like to do:

Take Photos:


I sell photo licenses for print and web. If you find something on instagram or Flickr you like, there's a higher res file where that came from. Email me. I'm easy to deal with.

Make Music:

bandcamp soundcloud

I give free music licenses to student film-makers and other folks with no money. I love it when my music helps other people tell stories. If you have a project and no budget (or even a modest one), email me.

Sketch & Illustrate:

blog video

Speak, Teach:

Ritual: Story in the BoneThe Scapegoat MaskGay People the Bible & the Church


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