Remote Usability Testing

When the pandemic blew apart our in-person Human Factors Test plan, we created a new method for remote testing on-device with iPhones and apple watches capturing video of participants and on-screen activity in realtime.

At Tidepool, we had plans to use a traditional, in-person, Human Factors testing lab to carry out our usability testing. The pandemic had other plans.

In the space of about two weeks, my colleagues and I (the co-authors listed here) designed, tested and made ready to execute the novel methodology described in the poster presentation above (presented virtually at ATTD 2021).

To our surprise and delight, we were able to complete the testing with minimal hardware and software challenges resulting in no delays to the project and acclaim from the FDA on our methods and reporting.

“We want to make it clear we think your HF report and methods were excellent.”

– Andrea Bell-Vlasov, primary investigator

“Reading your [Human Factors] report made our 2021.”

Hanniebey Wiyor, HF Reviewer