Hi, my name is
Matt Lumpkin.

I am endlessly interested in understanding how people put their worlds together and helping them navigate their experience. 

I spent my early career as a hospital chaplain and the last decade designing digital spaces for education and wearable technology for people with chronic conditions.

I’m a Product Designer and a Maker.

💧 I’m leading the design of the next generation of automated insulin delivery at Tandem Diabetes.

🪞I led the design of Twin Health‘s digital twin AI health agent.

🌎 I co-founded Sol.earth

📱I led design at Tidepool.org as we submitted the Loop app to the FDA.

📳 I won a Stanford and IDEO judged design challenge with bgAWARE.

😇 I made CharacterMe with the Thrive Center and Curly Robot.

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email me: mattlumpkin@gmail.com

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