Aesthetics of Medtech Wearables


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A few days ago, I noticed H wearing her #rileylink clipped to her romper, dangling like a piece of jewelry. This piece is the two way communications link that translates Bluetooth commands from the phone that updates her pump settings every five minutes to radio frequency controls for the pump and back again when the software on the phone queries the pump for historical data and to confirm transmissions. It works best on her person with the pump. It got me thinking about the aesthetics of medical wearables and how they might pass as non medical devices like jewelry. I started imagining different removable designs that might fit over the 3d printed case without compromising the status LED and, most importantly, the antenna. H says it’s “Riley’s sleeping bag.” She doesn’t yet experience the desire to pass as a person without diabetes but she will. #t1d #woodworking #cyborgproblems #grainmatched

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